Two Cents with Joy Cherrick of Scottsdale Moms Blog

Every week, we invite interesting people from all walks of life to share their "Two Cents," a quick question-and-answer format we think you'll enjoy!

This week's Two Cents comes from Joy Cherrick, co-creator of, an outstanding community of -- and resource for -- parents in the Phoenix area. Whether it's information about playgroups, local events, or tips and advice, ScottsdaleMomsBlog always delivers.  Joy's Two Cents:
What do you consider an Underrated Park?
Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve.
What do you consider an Overrated Park?
Squaw Peak in Phoenix.
What's a local business that could use some love?
Cactus Crossfit in the Scottsdale Airpark.
What would you say is an underrated online parenting resource?
What's your favorite "rainy day" (indoor) activity with the kids?
The Library - or staying home, reading and listening to music. 
Thanks for sharing your Two Cents, Joy!