12 Great City Parks Along I-25 (Denver to Santa Fe)

Road Trip Guide (Denver to Santa Fe)
If you're traveling with a family along I-25, you may find yourself wanting (or needing!) to stop for a picnic, take a short break from driving, or just to let the kids (or the dog) run around. To help, we've identified 12 of the best parks along Interstate 25 between Denver and Santa Fe. Your road trips will never be the same!
From north to south, here's our list of the Top 12 Parks Along I-25: 
  1. Just north of I-25 on Downing Street, Washington Park is probably the best-known city park in Denver, and deservedly so. Walk around the lake, have a picnic, or let the kids run wild on the playground!
  2. Westlands Park, to the west of the freeway on Orchard Road, is a kid's dream playground. In the words of one reviewer, "Water splash fountains, age appropriate playgrounds and really cool things like a giant slide, climbing and a lot more..."
  3. Castle Rock's Centennial Park features picnic shelters, basketball and tennis courts, green fields and a playground.
  4. Rampart Park in northern Colorado Springs offers a dog park, BMX bike course, sports fields, picnicking and a playground.
  5. Quail Lake Park boasts scenic views, a lake with fishing and boating, picnic tables, a playground and more!
  6. Aga Park in Fountain (east of I-25 on Santa Fe Avenue) has a splash pad, playground, picnic tables, sports fields, and a restroom.
  7. The Pueblo Riverwalk, right on the Arkansas River, is a wonderful place to stretch your legs.
  8. Greenhorn Meadows Park in Colorado City is a large park with sports fields, picnic areas, and a playground.
  9. Trinidad's Downtown Cimino Park lies just east of the interstate on Animas Street, and features a playground, splash area, grassy field and a paved path that's part of the 4-mile Trinidad Riverwalk.
  10. Romero Park in Raton offers a large playground structure and a basketball court.
  11. The historic buildings around the Plaza in Las Vegas have been featured in countless movies and TV shows, including No Country for Old Men.
  12. Santa Fe's Ragle Park, located off of St. Francis and Rodeo, boasts sports fields, restrooms, picnicking, and a playground.

   By David Herrera from Albuquerque, NM, Bernalillo via Wikimedia Commons      By karol m from arizona, USA (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

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