Zilker Park Review by kimberlychapman


Zilker is huge, with more to it than can be seen in a day. It has multiple attractions within its borders including a botanical garden, a nature center, a sculpture garden, a spring pool, playgrounds, a small museum about water issues, a train ride, hikes, bike trails, and more. Some elements charge and that can vary based on time of year, events, etc. so check before you go.

The playground alone is massive, with multiple sections. Plus, it's mostly shaded by trees, which is lovely. There's an old fire engine that can be climbed on, sat in, and pretend-driven. There are music features. There are interlocking climbable play structures with slides, ladders, monkey bars, and more. They even go over the train tracks, which is awesome for older kids but a bit of a chase when you've got little ones.

Zilker is home to some of Austin's major events, so at times it is closed off for those events and parking or even trying to drive past it becomes difficult. Definitely check before trying to go to Zilker on any weekend, especially in the spring, summer, and fall.

Parking for the playground tends to either be excellent or full, depending on whether a bunch of groups have all decided to come that day or not. Even when the lot is full, though, the playground is so huge that it rarely feels too crowded.

If you need to cool down after a hot day's play, go check out the little water museum. It's free, air conditioned, and has some interesting science to learn.

Definitely one of Austin's best places.



Best Things About This Park

Massive, tons to do

Things I Would Change

Gets booked out for events a lot