Nozomi Park Review by rbphx


I'm only reviewing the playground area (not the aquatic portion of this park). The reason this playground only gets 2 stars is because it's right next to a dog park and while a group of us with about 8 small children were on the playground a man let his very large dog walk off leash through the playground and come right up to the children. This is unacceptable, in my opinion. Not only should dogs be leashed especially near children they shouldn't even be on a playground where they could urinate. Children put their hands in the sand and in their mouths. Around the fence of the dog park you can see that people have not responsibly cleaned up after their dogs.

It's unfortunate that this dog incident happened because the kids actually enjoyed playing on this playground and the play structure was fun. The play structure is shaded along with a few picnic tables.

There are two baby swings and four regular swings.

There are enough playgrounds in the area for me not to revisit this one with my kids.



Best Things About This Park

The kids liked the play structure. It was well shaded.

Things I Would Change

The dog park is right next to the playground. Dog loose on the playground and saw feces on the ground near the playground.

Cool Things Nearby

Unfamiliar with this immediate area to recommend anything.