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Something for everybody.

Path around the lake.

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Unique park with a duck pond (that we saw people fishing in), lots of picnic tables, grassy fields and a huge play area. There's also a...

Duck pond and big shaded playground

We did see two bums.

Borders bookstore east on Cactus near the Paradise Valley Mall.

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The duck pond at the park is fun, but this park can be a bit crowded with adults. Most are just relaxing at the park...taking a walk,...

The duck pond is lots of fun.

There are lots of adults around...many without kids.

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Okay went the other day with friends and had the most exciting experience. We were feeding the ducks when a school of fish started...

the wild life

Farmer's market is here on weekends!

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Clean, good pond to feed ducks. Playground is well shaded right next to the bathroom. On Sat. they have cool farmers market.

Pond, Farmers Market on Saturdays

Paradise Valley Mall

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A large park that has a path around a pond, huge fields, and two fun playground sets. It's well shaded and has wood chips instead of...

Lots to offer!

Can be crowded.

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Escape the desert by taking a stroll at Roadrunner park. This community park has a pond, playground, pool, picnic tables, basketball...

Lovely duck pond

Turning in and out off of busy street (Cactus)

PV Mall

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Popular park with a lake for fishing. There's a big playground. The farmers market on Saturday morning is good.

Farmers Market Saturdays.

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I liked this park. It has a big playground and a pond with ducks in it. Some people were fishing in the pond. The playground was busy....

The playground is very big.

It was too crowded at the playground.

Paradise Valley Mall area has a lot of stores.

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