Reviews for Zilker Park

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This is an Austin landmark, so what's not to love. I would have rated the park five-stars if parking were a bit easier.

The variety of activities.

Access can be tricky.

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You can boat, walk, bike, sit around in the sun, swim, play in a natural spring, goggle at flowers, see the city skyline and enjoy many...

It literally has something for everyone

Parking can be very tough!

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What a park! Our children love the playground here, and we love the views and variety!

A wonderful park!

Go kayaking!!!

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Zilker is huge, with more to it than can be seen in a day. It has multiple attractions within its borders including a botanical garden...

Massive, tons to do

Gets booked out for events a lot

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Zilker Zephyr, concessions, wide open green space, the Trail, the playscapes, the

The playscape can be busy, especially at end of year when school's take field trips here.

Barton Springs road has all the restaurants

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Everyone loves Zilker Park! The events here are so much fun.

Everything except parking.


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Great park. Barton Springs is the best place in Austin.

Barton Springs.

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