Easy Sudoku Giveaway!

We just got our hands on some super-fun educational activity books for younger children: Easy Sudoku Sticker Puzzles featuring the characters of Nick Jr.'s Go Diego Go! and The Backyardigans!

These books encourage problem-solving and logical thinking, and we're giving them away!

Just be one of the first 5 people to review 3 parks (or museums, or beaches), and we'll send an Easy Sudoku Sticker activity book your way!

City by City: Find a Museum that Toddlers Will Enjoy

Taking your toddler to the MOMA can be a work of modern art in and of itself. But with our guide to Toddler-Friendly Museums, finding a site that's both entertaining and enriching has never been easier!

Just click your city or metro area's link below - it's that simple!