Teaching Kids with Coupon Clipping: Two Cents with Amiyrah Martin of Four Hats and Frugal

We like to invite interesting people from all walks of life to share their "Two Cents," a quick question-and-answer format we think you'll enjoy!

Today's Two Cents comes from Amiyrah Martin, whose site Four Hats and Frugal shows how frugality can be fun and "misers" can be cool. Amiyrah wears "Four Hats" as a wife, mother, Airman in the US Air Force and all-around frugal maven. Amiyrah's Two Cents:
What do you consider an Underrated Park?
A park with wide fields and lots of open space.  I think open space is vastly underrated in general, but at parks it's seen as a dead space. Kids don't always need to have a slide or swing handy. It helps them to be able to just run until they can't run anymore. It's also perfect for picnics, another pastime that seems to have become underrated lately.
An Overrated Park?
A park with all the bells and whistles but no seating for parents. I see so many families flock to the parks with the extra slides, cool swings, etc. But once they realize that there isn't enough seating for themselves, or even worse, the seating is too far away to keep an eye on their children, the trip to the park or playground is cut short.  
What's a local business that could use some love?
La Bonbonaire (with several locations in New Jersey). It's a wonderful bakery in the area and it's a sleeping giant. They have wonderful pastries and amazing cakes. Their blonde and brown derby cakes are to die for. They are family friendly and have really cool treats for kids as well. 
What would you say is an underrated online parenting resource?
Yelp.com. I use this site so much to research new restaurants, stores, etc. The reviews are detailed and often tell you if something is "kid friendly" or if it would be a great place for learning. You wouldn't think of it being a great parenting resource, but when you need help finding entertaining places for your children, it's a great hidden gem. 
What's your favorite "rainy day" (indoor) activity with the kids?
Coupon clipping! It sounds funny, but it's a great way to help your children learn shapes, numbers, and how to use scissors.  I save some expired coupons, and let my son cut them out. I'll tell him to only cut out squares, or only cut out coupons with the number 5 on them, etc. Then we glue them on paper and put them on display on the fridge. 
Share an underrated blog or website:
I'm so tempted to say my own, 4 Hats and Frugal, but I think I'll say Spoiled...but not Rotten. It's a great baby and child deal site and does all the work a frazzled mom does when trying to keep their babies clothed, in diapers, and happy on a budget. 
Thanks for sharing your Two Cents, Amiyrah! Follow her at 4 Hats and Frugal or @4hatsandfrugal on Twitter. Read more Two Cents interviews here.