Museums and Parks in Phoenix where you can appreciate Native American Culture

The Phoenix area is overflowing with reminders of the Native American peoples who lived here before Europeans arrived. Whether it's petroglyphs, ruins, pottery, kachina dolls, the Valley of the Sun is one of the best places in the United States to learn about and appreciate Native American culture.

We've rounded up six of the best places to learn about Native American culture in the Phoenix Metro Area:
  1. The Heard Museum, north of downtown Phoenix, houses an "amazing collection of Native American artefacts and art," and has a "great gift shop."
  2. In north Phoenix, the Deer Valley Rock Art Center boasts an excellent visitors' center and a "very easy trail taking you to the petroglyphs." The park is located north of the 101 on 35th Avenue.
  3. Pueblo Grande Museum, just east of SkyHarbor Airport, is home to a Hohokam village ruin that is over 1,500 years old. There's an outdoor trail and indoor exhibits.
  4. Park of the Canals, in Mesa boasts a small botanical garden, an historic Native American site, and an excellent childrens playground. One reviewer writes, "The botanical garden is a great way to see the name of some desert plants."
  5. The Heard Museum North Scottsdale is a smaller (and less expensive) branch of the Heard Museum, located in scenic North Scottsdale.
  6. The Sears-Kay Ruins, northeast of Cave Creek, offer a "very easy hike to Native American ruins at the top of a hill... tremendous views all around."
Or, find a park with different amenities -- like a museum, a trail, and more -- with our Quick Guide to Phoenix Parks!
                                    Contemplate the past at Sears Kay Ruins.

Wow, this is a great list and

Wow, this is a great list and I hope to be able to visit some of them soon. It is important that students visit these places so that they can learn more about the American Indians.