About ParkGrades.com

ParkGrades was founded by two parents in Scottsdale, Arizona -- with help from their two young children.

ParkGrades.com offers the largest, most accurate directory of city parks in the United States. We're adding beaches and museums, too! The need for a site like ParkGrades is clear to any parent of young children. Ask a given parent about parks near them, and you'll have a good idea of what's out there. But ask that same parent if they know which park they'd recommend across town, across state, or across the country -- there's no great way to find that out! Until now.

Before ParkGrades, you might have been able to look at a map and see if any parks were nearby. But you wouldn't know if the park is what you're looking for -- if it's clean, if there's a view, if it has both a basketball court and a tot lot, or a tennis court and a swingset.  

Now, with ParkGrades.com, there's one-stop searching for parks, playgrounds, beaches, and museums across the country!  

Find a great place to:

  • Celebrate a family reunion
  • Meet up with friends from across town
  • Shoot a few hoops after that big recital
  • Let the kids get some energy out halfway through a road trip
  • And so much more!

You may be looking for a water play area.  You may be looking for a park with both a volleyball pit and a train.  You may be looking for a park next to a hiking trail.  With ParkGrades, finding a great park near you has never been easier!  Start searching now!  And enjoy!